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Harry AdamsIf you haven't yet discovered Silks, Etc. for yourself, come visit us and experience the incredible realism of the permanent botanicals of the 21st century. It's not good enough to look real anymore, it has to feel real as well. Today's creations are recognized as a decorative art object and a replacement for fresh flowers.Rick Roden  Silks, Etc. also carries a large selection of quality containers, potpourri, candles and much more. Late in the year we turn into a Fall and Christmas wonderland including Possible Dreams and Lynn Haney Santas, Christopher Radko, and Old World Christmas ornaments, and a vast selection of flowers, berries, evergreens and special decorations for "decking the halls" in your home or office. We offer seasonal decorating services ranging from decorating around your doorway to centerpieces that complete home or office projects. Our complimentary in-house and office consultations help us, as much as you by locating the areas in your home or office that you feel need attention. We will give you decorating ideas at your location and ask you to come in the store to see what we would recommend. We look forward to showing you around Silks, Etc. and helping you in any way we can to make your surroundings more pleasant. Come in soon!